Sarah Everard Case: Trial date for the charged police officer, Wayne Couzens


The accused met police officer Wayne Couzens will have to go on trial in the autumn for the charge of kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard.

Sarah Everard got missing on 3rd March while she walked to her home in Clapham. She was a kind and pretty marketing executive who was coming back from her friend’s home. It was about a week later that her body was found in Kent woodland.

A video link shoes Wayne Couzens appearing at the Old Bailey. The link is from Belmarsh Prison. He is hence accused of the kidnapping and murder of Ms Everard.

The provincial trail is due on October 25 while a plea hearing will be on July 9. It is expected that the court hearing of the provisional trial could last up to four weeks.

The circumstances of the event and the seriousness of the case demands a thorough investigation. It is thus led to a wide range and complete investigation; the prosecutor Tom Little QC says. The prosecutor told the court that the case has captured the attention of “almost unprecedented media and public”.

Wayne Couzens, 48, appeared at the court at first for a short hearing. He only spoke to confirm his name and date of birth during the hearing. He spoke quietly. He was wearing “grey tracksuit bottoms and red top”. Wayne also had two apparent head injuries’ cuts. He joined the forces in 2018 and initially based in Bromley.

The defence lawyer James Sturman QC did not file any bail application for MrCouzens. He says that they wait for legal help to be granted.

Charged met police officer Wayne Couzens was accused on Friday. He appeared in the court at Westminster Magistrates on Saturday.

The boyfriend of Ms Everard reported the next day that she was missing. She visited a friend in the Junction Area of Clapham on March 3 and left the friend’s place around 9:00 PM. Her home was roughly 4km (2.5 miles) away. She walked to her home and was seen last in the CCTV around 9:28 PM.

The body of Ms Everard was found in the builder’s bag in the Ashford area of Woodland. The body was identified by the dental records. The post-mortem released no cause of death.

The investigation has been done significantly with the public. The local bodies helped Scotland Yard in the investigation. Kent County Council says an inquest is expected to open later this week.




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