Follow-up of Sarah Everard Case: Police searches Sandwich Town Center


The investigation of Sarah Everard missing and murder case is continued with the recent update of officers cordoned off Sandwich town centre in Kent. Only an area of the town has been cordoned as part of the investigation.

Ms Everard was gone missing on March 3 while she was walking to her home in Clapham. She was 33 years old, young, kind and beautiful lady, as briefed. The body of Sarah was located a week later in Kent Woodland, on March 10.

Wayne Couzens, a Met police officer has been charged with the murder of the marketing executive. He is 14 years old, serving the force since 2018. He appears at the court in the part of the investigation and only confirmed his credentials, quietly.

A section of the rope walk has been cordoned, a town near the centre of Sandwich. It happened on Sunday evening.  The officers were seen standing at the path by the cordon. There was also a police van observed in the town. A local says that cordon covers an area between “New Street through to the cow leas meadow area”.

The officers also set up equipment and a tent in the guildhall car park, by the metropolitan police, on the Western side of the cordon.

The areas of London have been under observation by the police as reported by Scotland Yard. Especially Kent is the target of the investigation as the body was found there. The spokesperson also says that they are not giving a “running commentary”. The Kent town council joins hand with the Kent police for the investigation on behalf of Scotland Yard, on Sunday.

The polices only closes the scene where Ms Everard was last seen. The people of the area have also been part of the investigation.

The cordoned-ff town area includes “a secluded path near a stream and homes”. People have been asked to keep their routines, stay away, and not to gather at the marked area.

The boyfriend of Sarah Everard reported the missing report on March 4.

The last recorded activity of Ms Everard was her visit to a friend in Clapham on 3rd March. She left for her home around 9:00 PM. The walk to her home was roughly about 2.5 miles around 4 km.

She was captured in CCTV camera alone at 9:15 PM and again at 9:28 PM. Before, she called her boyfriend for almost 14 minutes.

Her body was identified using dental records and it was wrapped in a builder’s bag. The post-mortem report has not identified a cause of death.

The investigation of the case has been continued. People pay tribute to Sarah Everard at Clapham.

Police arrested four people into chaos. A protest was carried on March 14 as a result, outside New Scotland Yard and Parliament Square.


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